Hello world!

wpid-522880549bd672.92904950.jpgWelcome to WordPress. This serves as an example of what a WordPress “post” will look like.

Another part of a WordPress site is an About “page”.  Normally, the home page will be your “Blog” posts. As you write more and more posts, they would be added to the home page. The latest post that you wrote would be at the top.

Pages, on the other hand are separate from posts. They don’t appear in the posts “stream”. They serve as static documents on the site, which means they don’t change much. You might write posts every day, but your About page wouldn’t change very much.

This website changes the normal behavior of the home page, by instead displaying the “About” page. The home page and about page are one and the same. This may be desirable if you want to de-emphasize your blog to your visitors and instead display a static information page.

This post is actually located (the web address) at https://andyrush.wordpress.com/2016/01/21/hello-world/. This permanent address is called a “permalink”.

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